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Want to End Burnout?

My latest article published in Harvard Business Review discusses the key skill we need to battle burnout and win. And that skill is empathy. Preventing Burnout is About Empathetic Leadership emphasizes that instead of just pivoting for our products and customers on the fly during the pandemic, the strongest cultures adjusted quickly for their employees as well. I share stories of leaders making this happen inside their organizations and how that pays off during times of extreme stress.

Enjoy the article, but before you go, please share how the pandemic has impacted you via the link below. I want to know if COVID-19 has increased burnout or perhaps you've had a decent experience through it all. Has your workplace been awesome or horrible or somewhere in between. Are you a leader doing great things - tell me - I want to know. I also want this information to drive change and your input is the key to making that happen. Let me know if you want the final burnout report by emailing me at Get started now - it only takes a few minutes.

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