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Jennifer Moss is an international public speaker, award-winning author, and workplace happiness expert. Her inspiring and evidence-based talks zooms in on leadership and teams so they can be the happiest, most resilient and successful organizations globally. Jennifer leverages academic research, case studies, adding in humor and interactivity to make a top-rated, highly sought-after speaker internationally. Her national bestseller, “Unlocking Happiness at Work” received the distinguished UK Publisher's Business Book of the Year. She writes on HR-related issues like burnout and loneliness, for Harvard Business Review, SHRM, and Forbes and is CBC's Happiness Columnist, reporting on newsworthy, well-being-related topics. Jennifer co-founded Plasticity Labs, a company dedicated to improving workplace well-being. She is also a member of the United Nations Global Happiness Council.

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Can you really be both “happy” and “at work”?  All of us want to be happy and engaged and satisfied with our job or in the career we’ve chosen. Loving work makes us less stressed, decreases our boredom, increases our motivation, and positively impacts our personal lives. As leaders, we want happier employees because they are more engaged and approach their work with enthusiasm and innovative perspectives. Studies show that employee disengagement increases anxiety and stress, negatively impacting health and well-being. Since we spend 90% of our waking hours at work in our lifetime, this is a critical issue for every leader and business owner.


Jennifer Moss, CBC Radio Columnist, Cofounder of Plasticity Labs, researcher and bestselling author of Unlocking Happiness at Work, believes we can solve this well-being crisis and has the research and data to prove it. As a member of the UN Global Happiness Council, Jennifer speaks internationally on the topic of happiness and well-being and how to achieve it. As a consultant and expert in behavioral sciences, Jennifer is shaping government policies, disrupting education, and helping organizations to increase sustainability, attract new talent, improve their brand and boost profitability. Jennifer also provides audience members with practical advice to become happier, healthier, and higher-performing people both professionally and personally, including:


  • How to develop the habit of gratitude and increase overall emotional intelligence.

  • Ways to develop the traits of the most effective business owners, leaders, and managers by leveraging behavioral sciences.

  • Tips to increase psychological fitness for stress management professionally and personally.

  • Saying no to work/life balance and focusing on work/life continuum instead – what does this means and how we can achieve it.

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Volunteer Service Award from the Office of President Obama
Winner, UK Publisher's Award, Business Book of the Year
International Female Entrepreneur of the Year Award
Canadian Innovator of the Year 
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Media Appearances


Steve Carlisle, President and Managing Director, General Motors of Canada

“Any business leader who wants to build higher-performing, innovative and compassionate teams should read this book.”

Sarah Green Carmichael, Senior Editor, Harvard Business Review and

“We all deserve to be happy at work. Jennifer Moss’s ability to distil proven research into practical advice will help more of us get there.”

Amy Blankson, Co-founder of GoodThink and author of The Future of Happiness

“Unlocking Happiness at Work finally gives us technical insight into how we can bring the science of happiness into our organizations. A must-read for creating lasting culture change.”

Rick Osuna, Senior Vice-President, Price Waterhouse Coopers

I have attended many motivational/business/etc presentations over my career. I can honestly say you are one of the best speakers (and by far the most genuine) I have experienced.

All the best, Rick  

Jenn Hesson, M.Sc  |  Director of Operations – Mental Health Services Canada

Jennifer came to speak at our Employment Services Team Day and she was incredible. With burnout and stress impacting our industry so negatively, it was great to learn new ways to combat that stress. I know our team left uplifted and ready to tackle some of the big challenges we face every day working in mental health services. “

Maria Matesic, Senior Manager, Strategy & Chief of Staff, Office of the Chief Digital & Payments Officer

Thank you again for your amazing talk!  I continue to get people stopping me telling how great your session was and I am seeing lots of comments on our internal social network. You really made an impact!


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